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TiVo, a trailblazer in digital video recording, introduced in 1999, now developed by Xperi. Renowned for its on-screen guide and advanced features like “OnePass” schedules and “WishList” searches which allow the user to find and record shows that match their interests by title, actor, director, category, or keyword. TiVo has revolutionized television viewing.

For their eCommerce needs, TiVo opted for Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Commerce. This new build was a significant undertaking, especially for Adobe Commerce, as it involved intricate integrations with TiVo’s existing streaming and control services. The result is a cutting-edge digital experience that seamlessly blends TiVo’s renowned features with a user-centric eCommerce platform.

At the core of our responsibilities was the creation of a robust Adobe Commerce implementation to seamlessly fulfill TiVo’s diverse eCommerce requirements. Our focus extended to establishing a fluid connection between the backend and frontend through a headless implementation with Adobe Experience Manager. Additionally, we undertook the critical task of ensuring proper data connectivity and transfer to TiVo’s internal systems.

The most intricate aspect of our responsibilities lay in the seamless integration with TiVo’s internal systems. Post-purchase, a cascade of services required notification, including the transfer of device and customer information. This intricate process ensured that TiVo’s internal systems were intricately connected to the purchased device, facilitating the creation or renewal of subscriptions with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence in execution was particularly evident in overcoming the complexities associated with this crucial integration.

Customer Satisfaction and Results

Our dedicated efforts at TiVo resulted in a transformative eCommerce experience, solidifying customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The implementation of Adobe Commerce successfully addressed TiVo’s diverse requirements, ensuring a seamless connection with the frontend through our headless approach with Adobe Experience Manager.

The pinnacle of our success lay in the intricate integration with TiVo’s internal systems. The complex post-purchase processes, involving the notification of various services and the transfer of vital device and customer information, were executed with precision. This integration facilitated a seamless connection between TiVo’s internal systems and the purchased device, streamlining the creation or renewal of subscriptions.