The RTA Store

We believe in value, trust, and sincere customer service. Getting to know each customer and help them get the kitchen of their dreams.


The RTA Store, a family business rooted in quality furniture since 1969, expanded to premium Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinetry in 2008, offering factory-direct prices online and assisting over 150,000 families nationwide from Hopewell Junction, NY. Committed to value and personalized service, they envision kitchens as the heart of homes, with their experienced designers showcasing bespoke designs on DIY Network shows, reflecting dedication to quality and affordability.

For The RTA Store project, our focus was a comprehensive Magento 2 website redevelopment, harmonizing existing functionalities with new enhancements. The redesign not only upgraded the aesthetic appeal but also introduced a completely new website, enriched with features both on the front store and a one of a kind order handling process in the admin panel.

Our pivotal role in The RTA Store project involved a meticulous balance between frontend and backend enhancements during the Magento 2 website redevelopment. On the frontend, we focused on elevating user experience and aesthetic appeal by implementing a modern and user-friendly design. This encompassed optimizing navigation, enhancing product displays, and ensuring seamless interactions for an enriched customer journey.

Simultaneously, we worked on creating a bespoke order section within the admin panel. This custom-designed section empowered The RTA Store with unprecedented control over past orders, allowing real-time adjustments. The admin interface facilitated flexibility in response to evolving designs and negotiations, enabling modifications to items, billing details, shipping information, partial refunds and additional surcharges. This comprehensive backend overhaul significantly enhanced operational efficiency, particularly in managing custom-built kitchens, a core aspect of The RTA Store’s business.

Customer Satisfaction and Results

Our redevelopment for The RTA Store delivered a seamless experience, praised for its flexible frontend design and user-friendly interface. Customers appreciated optimized navigation and improved product displays, contributing to increased engagement and satisfaction.

Simultaneously, backend enhancements, including the custom order section, transformed operational efficiency. Real-time adjustments and flexible modifications streamlined administrative processes, resulting in improved order management. The project exceeded expectations, delivering tangible results in both customer satisfaction and overall efficiency for The RTA Store.