Scrubs & Beyond

We are proud to be part of kindthread’s ecosystem of brands, dedicated to serving and transforming the healthcare apparel industry.

With a legacy spanning over two decades, Scrubs & Beyond has consistently delivered fashion-forward products accompanied by exceptional customer service. Recognizing an opportunity to elevate the industry standard and offer a transformative experience tailored for discerning healthcare professionals, Scrubs & Beyond has evolved into the nation’s largest retailer of healthcare apparel and accessories.

Our invitation to collaborate on this project comes with distinct objectives. Scrubs & Beyond, having utilized Magento as its preferred platform, faces challenges in managing the customer experience and optimizing loading times amidst an extensive catalog comprising of hundreds of thousands of products. This partnership seeks to address these demands and enhance the overall online experience for the customers.

The primary challenge was in the daily catalog updates, involving a third party integration for managing product data and another two-way integration for managing images. The sheer volume of products led to prolonged synchronization periods, consuming substantial server resources. With a multi-server architecture already in place, our initial task was integrating the Varnish caching system to enable full-page caching across all servers and optimizing indexers to further enhance performance.

Despite these improvements, the synchronization process remained resource-intensive. To address this, we consolidated all processes into a single, highly optimized execution. This approach successfully reduced synchronization times from hours to under 15 minutes, with third-party systems efficiently sending and receiving information. This groundbreaking improvement included an automated frontend caching mechanism, slashing page loading times from nearly a minute to under a couple of seconds, ensuring a seamless and swift online experience for the customers.

The outcomes of our collaborative efforts have produced transformative results, significantly enhancing both the operational efficiency and user experience of the platform. The various improvements successfully tackled the challenge of daily catalog updates, reducing server synchronization times and laying the foundation for a more responsive and streamlined website.

The consolidation of processes and the optimization of the synchronization execution marked a milestone in resource utilization. By achieving synchronization times of under 15 minutes, we addressed the initial server strain. This revolutionary approach translated into a remarkable reduction in both the server utilization and page loading times.