Primo Water

Life requires a constant source of water. Primo exists to make sure it’s pure, clean, crisp, healthy, thirst-quenching, and safely flowing.


Primo Water Corporation, a prominent American-Canadian water company specializing in multi-gallon bottled water, water dispensers, self-service refill water machines, and water filtration appliances, has solidified its position as a key industry player. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Primo Water serves residential and commercial customers across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Initially utilizing Shopify for their operations, Primo Water Corporation strategically opted to transition to Adobe Commerce on Cloud. This decision stemmed from the platform’s heightened versatility for third-party integrations and a well-suited ecosystem tailored to meet the demands of a corporation of their size. Entrusted with the responsibility of providing maintenance and support, our team was invited to contribute to the ongoing growth and success of Primo Water’s Magento 2 store following the completion of its initial build.

Customer Satisfaction and Results

Throughout our year-and-a-half partnership with Primo Water Corporation, prioritizing satisfaction was paramount. The collaborative journey was marked by significant milestones, including the successful familiarization with the Magento platform, meticulous setup, and seamless transitions to the latest versions. Our dedicated efforts empowered Primo Water Corporation, enabling them to confidently take the reins and independently manage their store without relying on external partners.

The partnership not only met but exceeded expectations, fostering a positive and mutually beneficial relationship. Primo Water Corporation’s contentment with the outcomes underscores the effectiveness of our strategies and the value we brought to their eCommerce endeavors. This successful journey solidifies our commitment to delivering solutions that empower businesses and contribute to their sustained success.