HP Inc.

Having been doing this for over 80 years, we can be confident in our vision for the world – a world in which humanity benefits uniquely from innovation.


HP Inc., a technology company, operates on the belief that businesses should transcend profit generation to enact positive change. Their commitment to climate action, human rights, and digital justice underscores dedication to the common good. From personal systems to printers and 3D printing solutions, HP engineers technologies to advance our civilization.

Invited to join a global team of skilled engineers, we collaborated with professionals worldwide. Our shared objective: harmonizing HP’s diverse product range into a unified global platform. Adobe Commerce, strategically chosen as the robust backbone, coupled with Adobe Experience Manager for seamless content delivery, ensures an efficient and user-friendly shopping experience.

Our primary focus was developing systems seamlessly integrating with internal CRM, ERP tools, and various services and APIs within HP. This task presented a significant challenge due to the diverse systems and integrations requiring cohesive operation. Ensuring no interference among systems and mitigating potential failures added an extra layer of intricacy to the project.

Beyond managing third-party integrations, our responsibilities extended to crafting specialized systems within Magento. These played a big role in efficiently transferring non-native data to and from Adobe Experience Manager, using Magento’s internal APIs in both REST and GraphQL formats. Our approach ensured a seamless flow of information and flawless operation of front stores, contributing to the project’s overall success.

Customer Satisfaction and Results

Our efforts in developing seamless integrations and specialized systems garnered highly positive feedback from HP Inc. The successful integration of diverse systems, including internal CRM and ERP tools, third-party services, and APIs, resulted in a cohesive and efficient platform. Notably, our team navigated the complexity of ensuring that these various components worked in unison without interference, safeguarding against potential failures that could impact other critical systems.

Moreover, our impact extended to enhancing the overall performance of Magento systems. We dedicatedly focused on developing specialized API systems within Magento, utilizing both REST and GraphQL formats. This approach facilitated the smooth transfer of non-native data to and from Adobe Experience Manager. The meticulous execution ensured the flawless operation of front stores, significantly contributing to an enriched user experience.