GoodLife Fitness

At GoodLife Fitness, our purpose is to give everyone in Canada an opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life.


In 1979, GoodLife took root in Ontario, growing to become Canada’s largest health club company with over 450 locations nationwide. Renowned for its diverse portfolio, including the GoodLife Fitness brand, Fit4Less, √Čconofitness, Revo Fitness, and CityFitness, it extends its influence even further with Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.

The challenge presented was to develop a new store seamlessly integrated with their existing systems and services. Our task was to streamline order placement, manage referral orders, and establish robust connections with in-house systems for membership tracking and renewal. This is where our expertise came into play, aligning GoodLife’s operational needs with innovative solutions.

It was determined that the development would utilize a blend of Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe Commerce served as the commerce platform, overseeing all backend operations, store management, and facilitating communication with Adobe Experience Manager through GraphQL APIs. Meanwhile, Adobe Experience Manager, a robust CMS platform, assumed responsibility for frontend rendering, user interface, and user experience.

Our key responsibilities included the seamless integration of Adobe Commerce with GoodLife’s internal systems. Leveraging APIs, we established a fluid channel to transmit newly created subscriptions, process memberships, and relay essential information on payments, referrals, recurring payments, and customer details. The successful execution of these integrations enhanced operational efficiency and provided a cohesive experience for both GoodLife and its customers.

Customer Satisfaction and Results

Our collaboration with GoodLife marked a transformative phase in their digital journey. Implementing a hybrid solution with Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager, we revolutionized their store operations and user experience. The integration of Adobe Commerce and GoodLife’s internal systems was a resounding success. This not only streamlined their operational workflows but also enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.

The result was a store that not only efficiently managed backend operations but also offered an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly frontend experience. The success of this collaboration is a testament to our commitment to delivering solutions that elevate operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive digital success in the health and fitness industry.