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In 2004, EVEREVE embarked on its journey by opening its first store in Edina, MN. Since then, EVEREVE has expanded its reach, now boasting a network of 100+ stores spanning coast to coast, alongside a rapidly growing ecommerce platform. EVEREVE has established itself as a go-to destination for discovering curated, contemporary women’s fashion, featuring exclusive, on-trend pieces from over 150+ incredible brands, including their own highly sought-after best-selling line.

With a rich history of utilizing Magento Open-Source as their preferred platform, EVEREVE initially maintained an internal team dedicated to the store’s ongoing operations. However, as their business expanded and new requirements surfaced, the need for additional support became apparent to facilitate further progress. While our partnership initially emerged from the necessity for added technical support, it evolved into a collaborative endeavor encompassing much more.

Our initial engagement with EVEREVE began with a primary focus on delivering essential technical support for their Magento Open-Source platform. As EVEREVE experienced sustained growth and evolving business requirements, a strategic decision was made to elevate the platform’s performance by upgrading to the latest Magento version. In response to this pivotal decision, our responsibilities expanded to include a comprehensive rebuild of the entire system.

A noteworthy aspect of this reconstruction was the refinement of the existing brands feature. While the foundation for showcasing different brands was already in place, we took the initiative to enhance its efficiency and precision in filtering. The result was a streamlined and more effective brands feature, offering customers a tailored and nuanced browsing experience. This meticulous refinement not only aligned the platform with contemporary standards but also demonstrated our commitment to optimizing functionality for an even more seamless user experience.

Customer Satisfaction and Results

Our collaboration with EVEREVE was driven by a shared commitment to customer satisfaction. Initially focused on providing essential technical support, our partnership evolved into a transformative journey with substantial outcomes.

The strategic decision to upgrade EVEREVE’s Magento platform, coupled with a comprehensive rebuild, resulted in a more efficient and robust system. This enhancement not only aligned the platform with latest standards but also led to increased user engagement and heightened customer satisfaction.