DenMat’s products and services enable practitioners to operate more efficiently and more effectively to produce exceptional outcomes.


For over 40 years, DenMat has been a prominent provider of high-quality dental products, serving professionals in the U.S. and globally. Headquartered on California’s Central Coast, DenMat offers an extensive portfolio of dental equipment and materials. DenMat Lab is renowned for Lumineers® and Snap-On Smile® brands, and as a certified education provider, they offer dental procedure courses nationwide.

Our mandate involved a comprehensive build-out of their website on Adobe Commerce. This encompasses design, development, and deployment on the Adobe Cloud. Additionally, a specialized custom implementation has been incorporated, enabling the seamless booking and purchase of event tickets for DenMat’s education courses.

Our primary focus was on developing and deploying a comprehensive online store. This involved meticulous attention to user-friendly interfaces, optimal performance, and a robust backend operation. Additionally, we implemented a unique custom feature enabling end customers to effortlessly purchase event tickets for DenMat’s teaching courses.

Our biggest responsibility was the creation of a unique implementation for scheduling events, accepting reservations, and facilitating online ticket purchases. Allowing DenMat personnel to seamlessly manage events and their creation, editing, and removal. Simultaneously providing customers with a smooth experience to view, filter, and sort upcoming events, access detailed information, and easily reserve seats or buy tickets.

Customer Satisfaction and Results

Our collaboration with DenMat yielded significant success, transforming their digital presence and enhancing customer interactions. The comprehensive build-out of their website on Adobe Commerce, coupled with specialized custom implementations, delivered impactful results.

DenMat’s digital transformation was marked by improved functionality, increased user engagement, and a strengthened position in the digital landscape. The success of our collaboration underscores our dedication to delivering solutions that empower businesses and contribute to sustained success.