ASTM International

Over 12000 standards defined by ASTM operate globally. They enhance performance and provide confidence in the things millions use every day.


Founded as the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM International is a global standards organization headquartered in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Renowned for developing and publishing voluntary consensus technical standards, ASTM plays a pivotal role in setting benchmarks for materials, products, systems, and services.

Our collaboration with ASTM involved joining a diverse team of experts tasked with handling over 10 different services. This collective effort aimed to elevate ASTM’s capabilities, ensuring unparalleled service to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Our specific role centered around Adobe Commerce on Cloud and establishing seamless integrations between Adobe Commerce and other services, contributing to ASTM’s commitment to excellence in standards and services.

Our primary focus with ASTM International revolved around maintenance and support for Adobe Commerce. Tasked with ensuring the seamless operation of Adobe Commerce and optimizing integrations, our efforts were dedicated to maintaining efficiency and minimizing server load. This meticulous approach not only kept the platform running smoothly but also enhanced the overall operational processes.

In addition to maintenance, our collaboration extended to the development of new features and enhancements for Adobe Commerce. By introducing new functionalities and refining existing ones, we aimed to provide ASTM with increased options and flexibility in their eCommerce platform. These improvements bolstered their online sales capabilities, contributing to a more versatile and dynamic digital presence.

Customer Satisfaction and Results

Our dedicated focus on maintenance and support yielded tangible results for ASTM International. By ensuring the uninterrupted operation of Adobe Commerce and optimizing integrations, we significantly enhanced the platform’s efficiency. This not only reduced operational friction but also alleviated server load, contributing to a more robust and resilient eCommerce infrastructure.

The introduction of new features and refinements to existing functionalities empowered ASTM with a more versatile eCommerce platform. This newfound flexibility translated into increased options for online sales, allowing ASTM to adapt to evolving market demands seamlessly. The successful amalgamation of meticulous maintenance and innovative development reflects our commitment to elevating ASTM’s digital capabilities, ensuring sustained operational excellence in the dynamic landscape of standards and services.